Month: December 2014

Easy, Breezy, CHEESY Lunches

I get to be the Helper Parent in my son’s class tomorrow! I’m so excited. So tonight, I made three lunches (Smalls is also in school tomorrow).



A Colby Jack cheese panini on REALLY yummy French bread (you know, the one that ruined yesterday’s kid lunch?), a mandarin orange, some nuts, assorted raisins, two dates, and a pumpkin muffin.



I made Bigs the same panini, only I added pepperoni and a pizza dipping sauce. I also packed a mandarin orange, yogurt raisins, assorted raisins, dates, and a pudding cup.



Smalls has one half of a cheese panini, cut into four little squares, a mandarin orange, a few pretzels, assorted raisins, yogurt raisins, dates, and a pudding cup.

Like I said…easy, breezy, and cheesy.


“Grinch” VPK School Lunch

You know when you try, not your hardest, but close to it, and something doesn’t work out? And you just keep it crappy and serve it? I’m referring to meals here. And in particular, lunches. Kid lunches. Christmas kid lunches.

This Christmas kid lunch:


Oops. It looks like the Grinch left his mark on that left side of the sandwich. He left his heart there, as well as a green smudge from his Grinchy hand. Yup. That’s what this lunch is. It was supposed to be a holly leaf with three, distinct, little red berries. You can see that, right? RIGHT? While I’d never label [good] bread as a “mistake”, I think in this case, the hearty French loaf, filled with yummy bubbles and indents lent itself to the sad end result. Whatever. I’m already over it. It’s still good bread. Just with a Grinch hand on it. The other side is a candy cane. It’s PB&J. I put some colby jack cheese in there, as well as a mandarin orange, some red and green grapes, another TJ’s cranberry bar, and some red, green, and white chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

I wonder if my Bigs will even notice?



Christmas, Christmas Tiiiime is here!

We’re baaaaack. Did you miss me? Say yes. I need to know you missed me and my little food.

I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving. My family did. We ran a 5K early in the morning and the weather was just gorgeous. We ate dinner with my husband’s family this year. It was just wonderful. And now we’re back in the school groove, with the first of only eight school days left in the year. I can’t even. It’s all going by so quickly. I can’t wait for winter break, where I get to have both my babies home with me!

Here is the lunch I packed for my Bigs for tomorrow:


I know what you’re thinking…that this Santa looks a little dead behind the eyes. I’d like to adjust your thoughts on him. Think of him as more Avant Garde Santa. He don’t need no lips, nose, or beard. He rocks just the hat and eyes. That’s art.


Anywho. In addition to Dead Behind the Eyes Santa PB&J, I also packed assorted raisins, assorted grapes, a few cheddar rice cakes, applesauce, a Trader Joe’s cranberry bar (cut up), and a few red, white, and green chocolate covered sunflower seeds for dessert.

Here’s to my “art” and Bigs’ lunches looking less freaky deaky in the next few days,