Early morning. Like, way early. Only a few seagulls peck at the shore. The ocean, a flat, pearly surface. Like marble. The colors of the earth and sky are only just beginning to share their worth. The waves start creeping up to greet the sand, lapping at the shore in gentle hello. The sun, the sleepy sun, begins its ascent into this side of the world. It shines its brilliance. Purples, deep blues, pinks, fiery orange help lift the sun into its fullness. The foamy waves start hitting the shore with greater force, for they cannot deny gravity’s pull. Our sun, now full and round, is a saffron gem in the sky. The water, glittery. The waves are crashing, pulling more from the middle of the ocean. Big, huge, violent waves; hurling, slamming, lashing out at the innocent sand and surf. Sprays of salt, like fireworks.


It’s nighttime now. The sun is in peaceful slumber. His sister, the moon, is up now. Spilling into the inky darkness. The sea is calm, once more.


The darkness has worth too. It hides the ugly. It also gives space to consider what you’re feeling. To accept. Or not. It’s a safe place. To hide. To rest. A soft place to land, when the light gets too heavy. But there’s hope in the light. The ugly is exposed in the harshness of the day. New hope. New dreams. An opportunity to see the light as not so harsh, demanding; but as a soft, warm, amber glow. There to help highlight that you are worthy, heaviness and all.


Dark. Light. Crashing waves. Calm sea.


I feel too much.


Anxiety and depression. Like crashing waves and calm sea.


I feel too much.


But it’s okay.


[thank you #twloha for the courage]