TGIF! Tomorrow, that is. I love Fridays. Always have. The weekend stretches before you, holding the promise of good times. The long week is behind you. Thank God it’s [almost] Friday, indeed!

I am excited about the lunch I packed for my Bigs to eat tomorrow. It’s a fun one, to celebrate the end of the week.


It’s a “Coney Island” themed lunch! I packed two pizza rolls. I warmed them up again (they were in the freezer) to take the chill off. I also packed a banana (I decorated it with ice cream stickers), vanilla yogurt with sprinkles, pieces of an ice cream cone, slivered almonds, and itsy bitsy marshmallows, all to imitate a banana split. He might not piece all this together, but I think he’ll go…bananas (!) for it. I sure did. I had a great time making it. I also included a piece of salt water taffy. You can’t go to the boardwalk without getting any these (or cotton candy, however, I think Bigs’ school would object to that as a lunch dessert, as would I HA!).

I hope he has as much fun at school tomorrow as he would on a boardwalk fair!


Happy [almost] Weekend!


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