Today in school, the kids are celebrating ALL of their un-birthdays. How cute is that? They will have party hats and birthday games. What a fun way to begin closing out the year. I am bringing in sugar cookies with frosting for the kids to decorate. It’s going to be sweet, literally.

For Bigs’ lunch, I went with the un-birthday theme.


I made a cupcake-shaped PB&J (I added back in the scraps from the sandwich – it was just not so pretty in the picture). I also packed goldfish crackers, seasoned corn, an applesauce squeezy fruit, and some granola and dried cranberries. I used cupcake picks for decoration. A Very Merry Un-Birthday, indeed! šŸ™‚

I hope today is as celebratory-for-no-good-reason for you as it will be for these sweet kids!


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