First things first. Santa is going to come through for Bigs this Christmas. If you recall, all Bigs has asked for this year is a bouncy carrot. I don’t think he’ll notice, or even mind, that the carrot is a “stress toy” intended for overworked or overwhelmed carrot-loving adults. I think he’ll really think Ol’ Saint Nick was listening. And that warms my heart.

Yesterday, we had our usual Friday playdate. I am so grateful to be a part of such lovely Mom groups, where our kids can play and we can commiserate. Just kidding. Sort of. We went to a local park, where Smalls tried (and succeeded) to keep up with the older kids.


He loves doing all things with Big Brother Bigs. The ONLY problem is that, as a teeny little 1 year old, he cannot possibly physically do some of the same things. I caught him almost stepping off an eight foot (okay, a five foot) drop, just “doo doo doooo”, not a second thought. Scary!


I adore that he loves Bigs so much, though.

After playing on the park, we headed to a pavilion to decorate cards for Hospice patients. One of the moms in our group delivered them afterwards and told us how happy it made the facility!


The kids did a wonderful and adorable job of decorating the cards.

Smalls sort of colored on one.


He was more interested in our next activity, which was decorating, or in his case, EATING cookies.

And Bigs, my sweet Bigs, took his cookie decorating job VERY seriously.


Some might call this a mishap, but it was intentional on his part. He’s not the son of “Sprinkles in my Lunchbox” for nothing!!


The kids had a great time and so did us Mommies. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for them? I have found it to be life-changing to have a Mom support system.

Duncan was here again this morning. And guess what he was doing? He was having himself a little Italian picnic in our [kid-finger-proof] china cabinet. He was eating spaghetti and carrots, which is funny because that is what we had for dinner last night!

Elf on a Shelf Day 14

Bigs was blown away that Duncan was eating what we had for dinner. It was pure coincidence, of course that part of my miniature food collection matched what I served them, but it was really neat!

And I have to show you this…because that’s what I do here. I show you things.

Bigs made this in school and it is too cute for words. I hung it on the tree.


It’s a candy cane turned over to be a “J” for “Jesus”. And this is what Bigs told me about it, “It’s Jesus in a napkin.” HAHAHAH I could still be laughing loudly about that.

Have a blessed day and may you feel the warm, loving embrace of…Jesus in a napkin. 🙂


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