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It’s raining, it’s pouring…

when it rains it pours

Big old fat sigh. This week (since last Thursday) has just been horrendous. My itty bitty is finally starting to feel better, but my Bigs started with it. Luckily, he had lower fevers, but he still requires nebulizing treatments two times a day.


This brings the total to FIVE nebulizing treatments a day that I am administering. It’s exhausting. Especially because I never know if the boys are going to [pathetically] accept the treatment or fight it tooth and nail.


There is something just so pitiful about seeing your child with a little breathing mask on.


Even though I’m doing it so many times a day, it still makes me sad. Even though I know it helps.


The pink eye eye drops have been awful with Bigs. Smalls took them like a champ, but it takes over an hour of pleading and different tactics to get them into Bigs’ eyes. As it stands today, he got sugar-free froyo as a treat for finally getting them in. I’ll do whatever it takes.

On top of all that, I’ve come down with what might be the adult version of all of this (a really nasty cold, no fever). It’s horrible. I don’t ever know how I get through a day of parenting when I’m sick, but add two sick boys who become quite clingy, and it becomes a bit of a mess.

This whole being in the doctor’s office on Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday has, for me, created an enormous amount of laundry. I have this germ complex that I am not ashamed of. I feel once an outfit has been in the doctor’s office, it is filled with germs. Am I the only one? It’s okay if I am.

I should buy stock in Lysol and cleaning wipes and “hanitizer”, as Bigs calls it.

But God is good. And I know this will be over [someday]. And at least it isn’t worse! It could always be!

Throughout this whole process, I’ve not been eating a ton. Part of being sick and being sick over one’s children being sick. You’d think I’ve have lost a ton of weight. But no. It’s like my body is keeping my old “dessert” weight as a means of providing warmth against the bitter winter cold and also as a way of feeding itself.

Oh well. Good thing I ate so much before my diet started. Otherwise, I’d be a waif! HA!

Anywho. At least Smalls is starting to want to read and play again. For an entire week, he just wanted me to hold him (only standing up, at that).


And Bigs hasn’t lost his want to play at all, so I am grateful.


He put Bullseye, Woody, and Jesse (from Toy Story) on his record player and turned it on, watching them go round and round. He is so clever! He was doing this because there is a scene in Toy Story 2 that has the same thing happen.

Record Player Toy Story

I love Bigs’ creativity. He’s something special!

I made a special lunch for him too, since he had to miss school today.


I just used my Food Writers to draw a sun, some grass, a flower, and the words, “I <3 you” on his PB&J. He ADORED it. So didn’t expect a special lunch at home. Normally I just save those for school!

I took them to the mall today too. You know, for that promised froyo. Or “cup cup”, as Bigs has called ice cream since he was able to talk. So we call it “cup cup” in our home. Anyways, we also had cabin fever. It was necessary.

I got Bigs sugar-free froyo since I don’t need him staying up through nap. No way.


He asked for sprinkles, of course. And declared with delight, “Sprinkles in my lunchbox, right Mama?!”!

I got sugar-free vanilla for Smalls too. He only ate a wee bit. Poor kid. Doesn’t know froyo or cup cup will cure anything that ails him, yet.


I got a little bit of chocolate, cheesecake-flavored, and strawberry. I added some fruit, mochi and several different flavors of boba balls. Yum. I know this isn’t on my new diet (dessert only on weekends) but I feel some sense of deserving. And plus, if I am on Bigs’ schedule, his “Friday” is on Thursday, and that’s today! And Friday starts my weekend, so basically it’s the weekend already and I haven’t broken any rules. So there.


Bigs sat in the back of my limo double stroller and ate away.

Smalls played with some toys at the bookstore. But seriously. Look at that hair. Static central!


Both boys seem to be getting better, as it stands now. I can only pray that tomorrow will be even better. Lord? Please??

Oh, and also an aside (because I’m good at those)! I have learned a few things while at CVS several times in the last week. The boys and I love looking around the store while we wait for our prescriptions (we’ve had a lot of those as of late). Besides all the neat stuff they always have, their seasonal stuff is so much fun. And I’ve learned that it is my favorite place to buy nail polish. As much as I love changing my toe nail polish color (and especially matching it to holidays and important outfits), I need a decent but CHEAP polish. CVS has a line that is only $1.99 each. While that’s more than the $0.99 (obvi) cheap line at Target, it seems to be better quality. I’ve also learned that CVS’ imitation perfume line is almost (if not identical) to the real deal perfume. I meannnn, why pay $80 for a bottle, when you can pay only $9.99 for something that you probably couldn’t tell the difference with your eyes shut! NEAT! So exciting. Seriously.

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful night and keep praying for my family’s health?




Whale, hello there!

Whale Whale Whale

Whale, whale, whale. What do we have here?

Today I did a whale themed preschool lunch for Bigs. For no reason other than whales are cute and I found whale shaped cheddar crackers at Target in the dollar section (score).

Whale Themed Preschool Lunch

I did a whale shaped PB&J with two little bubble shaped PB&J (all from the same sandwich). I used my Food Writers to draw on some details. I also added the whale shaped cheddar crackers, a gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate chip cookie and a cinnamon applesauce squeezy fruit. I think he’ll love it.

And since I don’t have a whale shirt for Bigs, I put him in the next best thing – a shark shirt. Oh how I love a theme!

Smalls seems to be making improvements with his health. We are almost at 24 hours of no fever (since last Thursday evening!!!!) and he’s wanting to eat a little bit more. The poor thing has only eaten about a small cup of applesauce, a piece of bread and his whole milk since feeling puny that Thursday night. I can’t wait for him to eat more and feel more energy and spunk, which is how he normally is.

Oh Whale

Hopefully ours will start to get better.

Thank you for your prayers, they mean a lot, and I truly believe in the power of prayer.

God is so good.

Have a whaley great day,


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Nutrients

Schedule All the Things

Ahhh, I just love a schedule! I mean, I thrive in an organized, scheduled situation. I love knowing what to expect (I was never a girl that needed surprises…I used to open my Christmas gifts and then re-wrap them, for crying out loud!). Knowing what’s coming gives me peace and time to prepare (thereby reducing any current or impending anxieties…boo-ya – my psychology degree comes in handy once again!).

Willy Wonka Schedule

Yes, SO excited!

So, now, two days back into our old (school) routine, I am successfully existing once again. I LOVE normalcy.

My lunchbox for Bigs, however, was a bit lackluster.


I made a “school(ish)” themed lunch. I did a gold star (gold food spray) shaped PB&J, with “A+” written on it with my Food Writers, some pretzel sticks, an apple, a cinnamon applesauce squeezy fruit and a gummy worm for dessert.

For dinner tonight, I made Chinese black rice and ground chicken. Sounds appetizing. HA! It was better than it sounds. Or looks, for that matter.


I love black rice. It’s delicious and nutty and has a bite (chew) to it. I made it and then added garlic and sesame oil.


I paired it with ground chicken that I browned (does it ever really get brown per se? Not really.) with wasabi powder and Chinese five spice. I added soy sauce to my own portion since my Crohn’s Husband (that’s his new title) can’t eat the non-GF version we have. This was a delicious and quite healthy dinner.

I would say that the kids did not enjoy it. They are becoming pickier and pickier as the days go on. I’m sure (I hope) it’s a phase.

I also made one of those little frozen packets of broccoli, cheese, and rice since Bigs has been wanting so desperately (bless his little heart) to like broccoli. I thought that gooey cheese sauce would be a game changer, but it was not. Oddly enough, Smalls (he who eats almost nothing except about one PB&J a day) devoured (relatively speaking) it.

PB and J

I make a lot of these. I am really glad both boys love peanut butter. For them, it is an essential source of protein. And plus, it’s amazing. I love PB in ANY form and with ANY spread of ANY sort. I’m easy like that. And daring.

I even love PB and pickles. And PB and olives. Give each of those a try if you are feeling it. They are delish.

Anyways. Last night, a couple of girlfriends and I got together for a little wine and snackies.


You can’t go wrong with wine.


Or snackies.


Luckily, and let me tell you how hard it is to apply that word to this, there were no sweets. Eeeek. That was hard.


If there were, I’d have been forced to eat them, thereby breaking my new diet.


Today is the fourth day I’ve gone without any sort of sweet during the day. I am proud and miserable.


I had a great time with my girls and honestly, when there is some sort of bread involved (Cuban, French, who cares!), I feel a little less sad about the dessert.

But only a little.

And also wine helps.

Here’s hoping tomorrow brings lots of good things. My little buddy, Smalls, started feeling crummy tonight so I am hoping he’ll snap out of it by tomorrow. I’ll go ahead and make those pancakes just to make him feel better. Just as a precautionary measure. You know.

Despite feeling puny, Smalls had loads of fun spinning with Big Brother after bath. They get such a kick out of that (until one of them falls into a wall or something hurty). I love his little strong spirit! (I also love matching jammies and matching clothes.)

Spinny Spinny Boys

Have a lovely night!


Busy as a Bzzzzz!

Busy as a bee

We have been so busy. School is back in (yesssss! I love having BOTH my boys around, but when Bigs is in school for a few hours a week, I am really able to find time to get stuff done.) and sometimes getting back to an old schedule takes a little adjusting. Sure my kids never slept in during winter break, but we still had to move a little more quickly to get places.

For Bigs’ first day back at school yesterday, I did a transportation themed lunch.


Mind you, I’m a bit rusty from not doing any special school lunches since December 12th. I made a choo-choo and race car shaped PB&J, I put some dried fruit, nut and raisin mix in there with some orange yogurt raisins, some pretzel sticks and an applesauce squeezy fruit. He said he really enjoyed the train sandwich!

And dinner was even mostly successful.


I roasted zucchini and squash (in a tian fashion, without the cheese or breading).


I cut the up the veggies and tossed them in olive oil and Montreal steak seasoning and baked them for about 40 minutes.

I served them with sun-dried tomato, garlic and herb chicken sausage and green bell pepper tossed in a homemade tomato sauce.


Everyone (all the adults – we had a friend over for dinner) ate it and there were no leftovers.

Did I mention that I am on a self-imposed diet? I am. It’s a dessert on weekends only diet. AUGH! I am three days into it and have stuck with it so far. It’s going to be hard when I start baking again.

Well, since today is Wednesday and there is no school, I decided to TRY to start a new tradition – Special Breakfast Wednesday. During the school days, we just don’t have enough time to MAKE a breakfast (that isn’t cereal, toast, etc.). So this morning I made pancakes from scratch. Snickerdoodle Pancakes. And they were HEALTHY. And let me tell you, they were some of the best pancakes I’ve eaten in my whole life. Bigs ate 10 small ones. Smalls ate about 4. And that’s a lot for him.


I used a recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie. She does healthy desserts and breakfasts. I’ve made her Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip before and it was wonderful. These particular pancakes have a very small amount of sugar and no fat at all (or eggs)!!

They browned up quickly and beautifully.


Like every other time I make pancakes, I get better at making them as I go through batches. The last batch is always the best. Works out for me since I always give the first batches of pancakes to the boys and my husband first. 😉


There, that’s better. Golden brown.

Anyways, they were DIVINE. I am not exaggerating. They were so wonderful. I still smell the cinnamon in my house. I will be making these again and again. And I can easily make them gluten and dairy free. They were made even better with real maple syrup.


Real maple syrup can make anything better.


These are a great “work-around” to my no dessert during the week diet!

Here is the recipe:


Anyways, off to ready the house for my bestie! She is up from where she now lives, four hours away from me (waaaaaaah) and we are going to spend some time together this morning with our kids.

Have a blessed day!


End Piece of Bread

Cat Bread Ends

You know those end pieces of bread flanking the good, soft stuff in the middle of the loaf? Do you eat those? I always feel sorry for them. Sometimes I feed them to Smalls because he doesn’t notice, save for a few extra chews. I feel like the last day of the year is sort of like those extra little pieces of bread. It’s easy to forget, but the last day of the year counts, just like you can make something amazing from those sad little end pieces (French toast, bread pudding, bread crumbs, etc.).

ROMRO (right on, man, right on – we say that a lot in my house for some reason).

Today could be a day to finish out your resolutions from the past year, if you so desire, or think about what’s important to you in the next year. Like I’ve said, I always think about how I can do things differently, up coming. And I get all nostalgic about how much my sons have grown. It doesn’t take much for me to get all mushy about them.

It’s also a day to celebrate and close a chapter.

Or to party.

Or to set an alarm for 11:55p, like I do. Whatevs.

Bear End Breads

Okay, so I don’t LIKE them, but I don’t MIND them. I wouldn’t seek to eat them over the soft, yeasty bread slices, but I won’t turn those end pieces down if they were slathered liberally with any sort of peanut (or other nut) butter. I’ll eat just about anything as a vehicle for that. Or a jelly. Or most any type of spread. I’m a spread and condiment sort of gal. Staaahp Kris.

I [sort of] digress.

I can’t seem to stop likening stuff in life to food. It just comes naturally to me.


Anyways, I always try to make something special of the last day of the year. Nothing big or expensive or fancy. Just something slightly out of the ordinary so we can remember it. And it always includes a dinner at Perkin’s. And that might be the only special thing we do that day. And I’m okay with that.

It always takes some extra gumption to go out to eat alone with them. But since it was NYE, we did it.

I took lots of backup.


I stocked my purse with books, airplanes, cars and small child-friendly electronic thingies. There might even be a dino or two in there from a previous outing.

We played tic tac toe (Bigs ALWAYS won, clever boy!), and drew with our crayons and played with our cars and planes. We talked about New Years.


And we ate until we were content. Bigs ALWAYS gets sprinkle pancakes there. Smalls also had pancakes and breakfast potatoes. I got steak tips, salad and veggies. And I ate whatever my kids didn’t.


I ordered a piece of double chocolate fudge cake to go. I’ve already had one bite, but I had to eat it in hiding, hence the crummy quality pictures. I know I’m on a diet, but still. Special occasion, and all.


And at least 8 elderly people (that’s the typical demographic of this restaurant and I love it) came by to say hello to my boys and say how lovely Bigs’ blue eyes and Smalls’ golden curls were.

And I took pictures of Smalls’ hands. Don’t you love little baby hands?


And earlier, I made a chicken soup chock full of veggies. It’s been very rainy and gray and blustery here and it just called for a big stock pot full of soup.


I put in a carton of no-salt chicken stock and the same carton full of water. I cut up and added a package each of carrots and celery and about 1/4 cup of onion. Once those were soft enough, I added all the chicken (that I cut off and sort of cubed from a rotisserie) and let it simmer until whenever.


I added salt to mine. I leave it out for my husband. I think it needs it. It was good, hearty and almost as importantly, easy. And it would be good with rice or noodles. Or toasted end pieces of bread.

Oh and also, I learned that baby gates mean nothing to Smalls. He can pull them off, undo them and unlock them.

Just an aside.

I hope next year is more organized than this post is.

Be safe tonight – lots of crazies out there!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!


Tinsel’s in a Tangle

Happy Christmas and Merry Food Coma

My body is in a coma…the food sort. My fridge looks like it’s in a coma too. Not an inch to spare (it IS a rather small fridge, though) with all the leftovers.

Let’s rewind a few days. We took our boys to visit Santa. We stood in line for over an hour to see a really wonderful looking Santa.

Boys in line for Santa

Smalls was delightful the whole time waiting (as was Bigs), but the second he was plopped on Ol’ St. Nick’s lap, he screamed like he was being pinched. Poor thing. Not a fan. So Bigs was smiling really sweetly (and told Santa he wanted a bouncy carrot) and Smalls was screaming with tears pouring out of his eyes…50%, not bad. We also went to Christmas Eve service at church, which was beautiful.

We set out some cookies (some GF and LF) and almond milk for Santa (to accommodate Mr. Claus’ Crohn’s diet!). We also left a carrot for the reindeer.

Santa Cookies and Milk

We actually had to wake the boys up on Christmas morning. They NEVER sleep in. Ever. They are usually up way before 7:00a. They were very excited about everything and Bigs was shocked Santa brought him a bouncy carrot.

Bouncy Carrot

Since they slept in so late, I was able to finish prep on their special breakfast. I reheated the gluten and lactose free pancakes I’d made earlier in the week. I cut up some fruit and finished the Grinch kebabs, and put together the pancake toppings bar (bananas, strawberries, Christmas sprinkles, chocolate chips, and marshmallows). We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and began eating.

Christmas Morning Breakfast

Bigs gobbled it all up. Smalls ate next to nothing, which is typical. I also made hot chocolate (my Mom made the mix from scratch) with whipped cream Christmas trees (that I made with a silicon mold the day before). I wasn’t sure the molds would work, but they did! They were so fun. I gave Bigs another hot chocolate today with another whipped cream tree…all of which he accidentally knocked on the floor. Sigh.


While they were basking in the glow of new toys, I put together two casseroles.

Bread Pud and Hash

A Cranberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding and a Cracker Barrel-inspired Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole. They were both DELICIOUS.


While cheesy potatoes are always a good dish to me, the bread pud was TO DIE FOR. Geesh, that’s morbid. Let’s say it was a must try. It was divine. Seriously. I will be making this again and again and again.

Hash Brown recipe:

Bread Pudding recipe:

We ate those two dishes with some others that came with my Husband’s side of the family (some vegan and GF dishes, bagels with cream cheese and lox, fruit salad).


And then after naps, we went to my parents’ house, where we enjoyed another meal! We had roast beef with au jus and horseradish sauce, roasted vegetables, rolls, fruit salad, and a lovely cheese platter.


And my Mom made a fruitcake…a FRUITCAKE! I love fruitcake. I might be one of two people (My Dad and I) that eat it. My husband jokes that there is only one fruitcake in the whole world. I think that’s the only fruitcake joke. Whatever. More for me (and Dad).

I hope that you had a lovely holiday.

As for me, I’m ready to cleanse my home, take down the decorations, prepare for the new year, and make my resolutions. And eat less (maybe).


*Sorry for all the collages versus whole pictures – it was just much easier and less time-consuming with so many!

Away in a Napkin


First things first. Santa is going to come through for Bigs this Christmas. If you recall, all Bigs has asked for this year is a bouncy carrot. I don’t think he’ll notice, or even mind, that the carrot is a “stress toy” intended for overworked or overwhelmed carrot-loving adults. I think he’ll really think Ol’ Saint Nick was listening. And that warms my heart.

Yesterday, we had our usual Friday playdate. I am so grateful to be a part of such lovely Mom groups, where our kids can play and we can commiserate. Just kidding. Sort of. We went to a local park, where Smalls tried (and succeeded) to keep up with the older kids.


He loves doing all things with Big Brother Bigs. The ONLY problem is that, as a teeny little 1 year old, he cannot possibly physically do some of the same things. I caught him almost stepping off an eight foot (okay, a five foot) drop, just “doo doo doooo”, not a second thought. Scary!


I adore that he loves Bigs so much, though.

After playing on the park, we headed to a pavilion to decorate cards for Hospice patients. One of the moms in our group delivered them afterwards and told us how happy it made the facility!


The kids did a wonderful and adorable job of decorating the cards.

Smalls sort of colored on one.


He was more interested in our next activity, which was decorating, or in his case, EATING cookies.

And Bigs, my sweet Bigs, took his cookie decorating job VERY seriously.


Some might call this a mishap, but it was intentional on his part. He’s not the son of “Sprinkles in my Lunchbox” for nothing!!


The kids had a great time and so did us Mommies. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for them? I have found it to be life-changing to have a Mom support system.

Duncan was here again this morning. And guess what he was doing? He was having himself a little Italian picnic in our [kid-finger-proof] china cabinet. He was eating spaghetti and carrots, which is funny because that is what we had for dinner last night!

Elf on a Shelf Day 14

Bigs was blown away that Duncan was eating what we had for dinner. It was pure coincidence, of course that part of my miniature food collection matched what I served them, but it was really neat!

And I have to show you this…because that’s what I do here. I show you things.

Bigs made this in school and it is too cute for words. I hung it on the tree.


It’s a candy cane turned over to be a “J” for “Jesus”. And this is what Bigs told me about it, “It’s Jesus in a napkin.” HAHAHAH I could still be laughing loudly about that.

Have a blessed day and may you feel the warm, loving embrace of…Jesus in a napkin. 🙂


Reindeer Games

Do you know how hard it is to give your dog a bath while your 1 year old is in the bathroom with you? It’s so hard. Said 1 year old opens the toilet lid and throws stuff in (or places his arm, elbow deep, in the toilet hole and laughs hysterically), he pats the dog with her medicated (I have a very special dog with severe allergies that require both a shot and a medicated bath once a week) soap all over her. Did I mention that the dog’s a nervous sort that is prone to seizures if highly excited or overwhelmed? Anyways. I literally am “just sayin'”.

Christmas Pup

Duncan was here again this morning (surprise, surprise). He showed up in a cereal box, of all places.

Elf on a Shelf Day 13

And while eating their cereal out of the bowls “Duncan” set out for them, the boys played peek-a-boo.


You can see Smalls’ (right side) eye through the little bear mouth hole (LOL!).

So. The cupcakes I made for Bigs’ class yesterday were…mostly a hit. Something went a leeetle bit awry with the frosting (which ALWAYS works because it is a foolproof recipe…which really says something about ME!) and the vanilla wafers didn’t really stick nicely to it. So some of them slid during the transportation process and some of the reindeer looked a little wonky (that’s the last reindeer, Wonky – you didn’t know that did you?? 😉 ). I’m not sure how many of the 3 and 4 year olds noticed though.


They looked alright right after I made them though, for the record. 🙂

I also decorated another dozen for the parents, teacher and whoever else needed a cupcake (which in my world, is everyone).


These were decidedly less attractive, sort of haphazardly thrown together. Whatever. I honestly never even met one cupcake I didn’t eat.

The Christmas program was absolutely adorable. I couldn’t contain my smiles upon seeing my Bigs stand up on that stage, nervously looking at all the faces looking back at him. My husband (and obvi Smalls) came for the show, too. We were so very proud of our oldest, and all his wonderful classmates too!

After my hubby got of of work, we surprised the boys with taking them to see the area’s biggest showing of Christmas lights!


It was simply amazing.


I couldn’t even contain my own self when it started (fake) snowing! Simply magical.


There was a nativity scene, about which Bigs has learned so much in school and church. He calls it an “actiwiwy” scene (like how he says ‘activity’). He’s perfect.



Looking at lights, especially in this quantity, sure makes it feel so special.

Have a wonderfully blessed Friday,


Peace n Blessins’

It’s been a strange (for some reasons), sad week (for other reasons)…and it’s not even over yet. But I am able to see the blessings mixed in. And I am so very grateful for them.

The second I saw Bigs when picking him up in his classroom on Tuesday, he excitedly told me he had something that he made and wanted me to see. Poor kid – I made him wait (not knowing what it was) until we were all buckled in the car, snacks distributed. I pulled out a Christmas card from a white envelope. When I opened it, it had  a typical holiday message inside, but lots and lots of pencil scribbles all over that message. Bigs had written me a Christmas card and said he did it because he really wanted to do something special for me. I was in tears!


This is, by far, the most special Christmas card I’ll receive. Later on that night, while the house was quiet and both boys were snug in their beds, I listened to Bigs talk himself to sleep (on the monitor), which he does every nap and nighttime, for hours, and heard him telling his “friends” (stuffed animals) about this. He said, “I gave Mommy a Christmas card! I put lots of scribbles in it. It made her HAAAAPPPPPYYYY.” I just sat there, monitor up to my ear, thanking God for this precious boy who means so much to me and thanking God that I mean so much to him that he proudly tells his animals that he made me happy with this. I am so blessed.

And Smalls. This kid. While he has the energy of…what has a lot of energy that an average human cannot keep up with? Whatever that is, he is. Sure, he destroys my house and causes some headaches. But I love him so!


My little climber hangs on everything. And jumps. And leaps. And balances. In these pictures, he is hanging from his high chair (which, incidentally, I have to use the straps to contain him while he’s eating…something I never had to do with Bigs. I even took the straps off when Bigs used it!) and is about to stand on the arm rest of a chair. He loves standing in that wingback to look out the window. Well. He did that yesterday and fell right off, but not before grabbing that curtain and clinging to it for dear life. That sucker pulled the curtain rod right out of the wall, drywall powder flying everywhere, my holiday swag (from atop the window) rushing down to the ground. Sigh. Once he was comforted and I was redecorating my house, he tried to do it again. He came back for seconds. I guess that goose egg on his forehead, a lesson did not teach!

But despite being such a rough-and-tumble little guy, he has the most sensitive heart when it comes to me. And I am so grateful. I must get hundreds of hugs from him throughout the day. He will just come up and put his head in my lap, say, “Awww!” and go about his bizniz. And he’s just started squeezing during hugs, with all his might, curling his little skinny arms and hands around my neck like he’s my scarf, and let me tell you, I feel the love pouring out of him and into me.

I am so blessed.

We met some friends at the local zoo this week for a playdate. While we were waiting on them to arrive, my boys and I watched the splash park area where we spent many of our summer days.


Bigs watched longingly.


And my sweet Smalls grabbed my hands and firmly planted them over his teeny face, not wanting to see the splashing water because it scared him. I adore that my boys trust me and that God has put them in MY trust.

I am so blessed.

For me, it’s the little things that make me happy.

A Christmas card from my son. I am going to frame that thing.

Tinsel on the diaper booty of my little son (as he’s touching the tree and every ornament on it within reach).


I love that little diaper booty.


My boys sharing a cup of eggnog. This is Bigs holding up the sippy to Smalls’ mouth. They fuss and fight and annoy each other, as siblings oft do, but they are the best of friends.

I am so blessed.


And materialistically speaking, I got these pair of shoes (have I mentioned I “collect” shoes??) for…wait for it…$0.01 this week. AND they have ice cream on the part where you put your feet. How perfect. [I had a coupon for money off my whole purchase and the whole purchase was the amount of the GC, save for $0.01.] Deal of the century, which is needed because we are on a serious budget!


I won (Sorry to my dear friend from whom I “stole this” and thank you my dear friend who brought this!) this sweet little gumdrop Christmas ornament for my Sweets Tree at my church group ornament exchange.

It’s the little things.

Our elf, Duncan, has been up to some things this week too!


He “hung around” with a swing saying, “North Pole or bust!!”.

Elf on a Shelf Day 12

He pulled some Christmas books off of the bookshelf and had a little reading sesh.

And I made some kid food and desserts.


Today is Bigs’ last day of school for the year. And he has his Christmas program, at which, surely I’ll be shedding tears! I am so proud of him! Today, I made a Santa and stocking shaped PB&J (added the crusts back in but left them out of the picture, because…ew), he has corn, an applesauce squeezy fruit,some holiday-shaped Goldfish crackers, and for dessert a few holiday Goldfish cookies and Christmas M&M’s. It’s a special day. I put a close-up of the sandwiches to show detail – I used red, gold and green food-safe food spray and some food gel to make polka-dots on the stocking.


And for the ornament exchange party last night, I made a healthy dessert dip! I made a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dip out of…chick peas!!

It’s the little things that count. And I feel so blessed. Some days I’m just thankful to get up in the mornings.

Today I get to make special treats for Bigs’ class to enjoy after their Christmas program. I can’t even wait.

Hope you have a peace n blessin’s filled day…remember that the little blessings count.


Snowman’s Land

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been on a roller coaster lately. Not the real sort, I actually am deathly afraid of those, but the mental sort. Loads of ups and downs lately. It is what it is. Well, anyways, yesterday I was using voice to text and saying something to a friend about how sad I was about how something turned out and when I got off, Bigs looks at me and says, in his infinite three-year-old wisdom, “Mommy, you don’t have to be sad. You have us. And you get to be with us.”. And then I turned into a puddle. Right there. I couldn’t believe the depth and love that little boy showed me in what he had to say. He’s absolutely right! THAT’S what is important.  I am so grateful for him and his knowing that I needed to hear that.

Today, for sweet Bigs’ lunch, I went with a snowman theme. I hope he loves it!

Snoman Themed Preschool Lunch

I made a snowman shaped PB&J and also did a little hat and holly leaf cutout, as well. I used my Food Writers to decorate and pretzel sticks for the arms. He also has corn and an applesauce squeezy fruit and for dessert, hot chocolate flavored Goldfish cookies, to which I also added a few mini-marshmallows. He’s going to love it. I just know it.

And Duncan was back again this morning! He’s celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

Elf on a Shelf Day 10

What a sweet elf.

Have a wonderfully blessed day,