I get to be the Helper Parent in my son’s class tomorrow! I’m so excited. So tonight, I made three lunches (Smalls is also in school tomorrow).



A Colby Jack cheese panini on REALLY yummy French bread (you know, the one that ruined yesterday’s kid lunch?), a mandarin orange, some nuts, assorted raisins, two dates, and a pumpkin muffin.



I made Bigs the same panini, only I added pepperoni and a pizza dipping sauce. I also packed a mandarin orange, yogurt raisins, assorted raisins, dates, and a pudding cup.



Smalls has one half of a cheese panini, cut into four little squares, a mandarin orange, a few pretzels, assorted raisins, yogurt raisins, dates, and a pudding cup.

Like I said…easy, breezy, and cheesy.


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