Hi, how’s the weather? Seriously. I’m talking about the weather. How’s your weather? Where I live, it’s been flip-floppy. It was FREEZING (read: not freezing but felt like it to this Southern gal) last week and in the 80’s this week. I just want cold. Or even cool. I’m ready for that. I want to wear my boots. They are sitting out of their boxes in my closet, just mocking me. I gaze longingly at my scarves, hanging up. My jackets remain untouched. Full-time Fall weather, where are you?

I’ll tell you what makes it FEEL like Fall – cinnamon brooms. I picked up two tiny ones (adorably named “Cinnamon Whisks”) from Trader Joe’s. They make my house smell like the Holidays. Planning my Thanksgiving dishes also make it feel more Fall-like. I’m doing everything right for the season! We even had homemade chili tonight for dinner.

So, I’ll just be sitting here, in my cut off jorts and tank tops with the occasional flannel, waiting for the leaves to change colors and the temperatures to drop.

Don’t mind me and my pity party.

Here’s what I made my Bigs for lunch tomorrow:


It’s got a hint of fall, by way of Halloween Muddy Puppy (we are calling it “Fall Muddy Puppy” now) and dried apples. I also packed a ham, cheese, and mayo sandwich, seasoned corn, and grapes.

Tell me how your Fall is going so far. I’d love to hear!



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