Last night, in our parenting class, we talked about the 5 Love Languages. Do you know yours? Do you know your kid’s love language? I’ll be taking the tests to find out what love language I am (although I think I already know) and which one each of my kids have (I have an idea about my 4 year old). I think it will help me understand them better and help me communicate to them on a level that they get, that they need. This parenting course (Danny Silk’s Loving on Purpose) has been life-changing for me. Understanding their love languages will also help me find appropriate repercussions for their misguided actions. I’m so encouraged by this course, the teachings, and the wonderful teachers. It has been so refreshing for me as a parent, which I needed. This parenting thing is hard. With the encouragement of other seasoned parents, it’s given me an entirely new perspective on things, what I’ve done wrong, how I can strengthen myself as a parent, and also my bond with each of my boys.

Since yesterday was such a rushed day (I was Helper Parent at the Co-op and we had our wonderful parenting class), I had to make a hurried lunch for my Bigs.


It was basic. And that word, when applied to this lunch, makes me giggle. I packed a PB&J (square HA!), goldfish crackers, squeezy fruit applesauce, Trader Joe’s ABC cookies, raisins, and a few PB&J balls I bought on a whim.


While I was busy making his lunch (and little Brother’s since we’d be running around all day today), Smalls comes up and takes a HUGE bite out of Bigs’ sandwich.


I just had to laugh. Smalls will be finishing that sandwich today. 🙂

I usually type my blog posts at night, but I just couldn’t find the time. I’ve got time now…you know why? My truck wouldn’t start. Nope. Not even a little. It choked. I had both boys buckled in, we were ready to go. They wanted their breakfasts (which they were supposed to eat in the car since we were, of course, running short on time). So I’ve got time now, to post this, as we watch Disney Junior TV and await the arrival of AAA to get me a new battery. Oh yes boy, I need a re-do of this day! I am quite grateful, however, that this happened while at home. Best place to be!

Have a BLESSED day and may it be an easy one for you!


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