Please tell me you get my musical reference in the title. Please? Don’t make me rap it to you. Because I will. I am rapping this shizzle all over my hizzle. I’m in hysterics. Probably only me. Anywaaaaaayz…..

It isn’t even Halloween yet, and I’m already moving on to Thanksgiving. Well…my taste buds are. While I cannot wait to see Bigs and Smalls in their sweet costumes and have Smalls experience his first trick or treating as a walking toddler, I cannot WAIT to bring out my Thanksgiving-y china and decorations, and to cook and bake and enjoy traditional Thanksgiving food with my family.

I find myself CRAVING Thanksgiving foods! Especially that after-Thanksgiving sandwich…you know the one. We all might have different variations (mine is white bread of any kind, mayo, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and maybe some gravy), but it’s all the same. Well…yesterday, I was notified of such a sandwich for sale at a local gas station, Wawa. I had to have it! It didn’t matter to me that it was 9am. So I got my Thanksgiving sandwich (when I make it, I call it the “Thanks be to the Sandwich” and I have a magnet I keep on my fridge year-round that says “Thanks be to thee” that my Grandmother made – an annual reminder of thanks…and that sandwich) and it was aptly named “The Gobbler”. It was delicious. All the right flavors were there. It’s nice to know I can have this flavor profile any time of year that I want. Hopefully it isn’t just seasonal, because I can’t even handle that. Between THAT sandwich and the Thanksgiving-y magazine my neighbor gave me to read, I’m getting so very excited!  What are some of your Thanksgiving food traditions? Mine typically go the deep Southern food route, as that is where I spent every Thanksgiving growing up, and recreating these dishes is like a hug on a plate. I crave both the food and the emotions I feel when tasting those flavors I knew so well as a child. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, perhaps we can share some recipes. This is directed at the readers other than my Mom and Mom-in-law (I already have your recipes lol). Hopefully I have more readers than that? 😉

Have a thankful day,


(Gobble-dy gobble-dy ga gobble gobble – still rappin’!)

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  1. Here is our family thanksgiving menu. Turkey. Homemade stuffing. Homemade Fruit/cranberrry Salad. Sweet potatoe casserole with marshmallows. Broccoli casserole. Homemade mashed potatoes. Mac n cheese. Green beans with bacon. Corn. Rolls. Three kinds of homemade pies..pumpkin pecan derby or apple. And oh gravvvvvvy on alllll of that stuff minus the pies. 😉

    • And this is one reason we get along so great – that sounds fabulous! Loving all the casseroles. And the cranberry salad is so delicious. My other side of the family does that one with Jello and cream cheese and it’s ridiculously good. And gravy on everything…one food I got sick on from eating too much and went back to after being sick. It’s a powerful thing HA! Your menu sounds wondeful <3

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