You know that Destiny’s Child song, “I’m a Survivor”? That’s my theme song. For only right now. Not any time ever other than that. Because I’m not into Destiny’s Child. Not my thing. I’m more of a 90’s grunge sort of girl. But I’ll dance to just about anything. Anywho. So my family made it through The Great Illness of 2014. Mostly unscathed. Only lots of doctor and hospital bills to contend with. It’s okay. That’s life. In addition to both my boys being sick, I ended up having a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. I am sad to say I now know what my babies go through when they have ear infections. AWFUL. I didn’t even notice at first, chalking up all pain to sinus pressure, but dang, it was painful. Throbbing, burning, dull-but-not-so-dull aches in both ears. Ouchie.

Praise God we are better.

During the not-feeling-so-good phase for Smalls, he developed a new…thing. When he’s upset, which has obviously been a lot, he throws himself on the ground. Just right there. Wherever he is. Have you ever seen those fainting goats? It’s JUST like that. Goat running, goat playing, goat fainting. Smalls running, Smalls playing, and boom. Smalls on the ground, prone, screaming.


It’s really bizarre. I am sure (as I’ve seen it a thousand times over with other kids) that this is a normal behavior to begin around 18 or so months (heading towards The Terrible Twos), however I have never had that experience before. Bigs showed his tantrums in other ways. I am not even sure what to do. Do I let him cry it out on the sidewalk in front of our neighbors (I didn’t let him play in the street – I’m an AWFUL Mommy) or do I pick him up and have him arch his back out of my arms? Not sure. Still working on this one.

He even does it in his stroller. It’s quite a sight to behold.


This particular incident occurred while I was at the doctor’s office for myself. Okay, CVS Minute Clinic. I’m sorry, I like to shop while I wait!!


What a spirited kid!

Anyways. I’m sure that even though The Sickness has left, that behavior is here to stay.

He’s still adorable though.


I meannnnn, how cute is he standing on a chair to look outside, holding his Koko (his little lovey he is rarely without) and a Cheerio stuck to his bum?


We are almost done with breathing treatments. I am weaning them off, per doctor’s orders. So happy to be almost done with these! I love how my Smalls clings to me when he’s worried. Look at those sweet baby fingers (yes they are pinching my um…chest – but I’ll take clinging in any fashion).

I had the rare opportunity earlier this week to spend a few hours alone with my Bigs. I took him on a donut date (our favorite).


I’d say he loved it. I felt a bit guilty about eating my donut but it WAS on a holiday, which is still a weekend, technically.

Which brings me to my next thing. I made Bigs a Martin Luther King Jr themed lunch. He was to be home with my husband during lunch time after our donut and kid gym date and since we were getting a new fridge installed (wherein the delivery guys almost burned our house down by letting a new fridge door fall and land on our stove turning it on), I thought I’d make his lunch earlier so Hubs wouldn’t have to worry. Is that even a true, technical, grammatically correct sentence? Whatever. Anyways. Here’s his lunch.


I made a dove shaped PB&J, and PB&J letters spelling “MLK JR” and “PEACE”. I gave him some pretzel sticks, dried cranberries, yogurt covered raisins, and a squeezy fruit. He loved it and he learned a lot about MLK Jr. I gave him the whole run down. I adore how puzzled he was when I told him about the strides that MLK Jr made in African American history. I love that to Bigs, his friends are his friends. People are people. Our insides are the same. As it should be.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Oh! And by the by, I got my sesame balls this past weekend. I needed them. It had been a while.


Aren’t they cute?

Be blessed


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