Bigs had a Nocturnal Animal day in his classroom this past week. They read a book about a mouse. One of River’s best friends and her two sisters have mice and brought them in for the class to see. I couldn’t for the life of me find my mouse cookie cutter… or even be too sure that I had one! Sooo, I went with the owl. They’re nocturnal, right? I hope I at least got that fact correct.

Owl Themed Preschool Lunch

I made an owl out of a PB&J (I asked Bigs if he was sick of PB&J at school and he said no) and made the crusts into his little branch. I also packed an applesauce squeezy fruit, some seasoned corn, and some cherry yogurt raisins and chocolate goldfish for dessert.

Hope you have a WISE day (are owls truly wise? and if so, how was this tested?),


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