when it rains it pours

Big old fat sigh. This week (since last Thursday) has just been horrendous. My itty bitty is finally starting to feel better, but my Bigs started with it. Luckily, he had lower fevers, but he still requires nebulizing treatments two times a day.


This brings the total to FIVE nebulizing treatments a day that I am administering. It’s exhausting. Especially because I never know if the boys are going to [pathetically] accept the treatment or fight it tooth and nail.


There is something just so pitiful about seeing your child with a little breathing mask on.


Even though I’m doing it so many times a day, it still makes me sad. Even though I know it helps.


The pink eye eye drops have been awful with Bigs. Smalls took them like a champ, but it takes over an hour of pleading and different tactics to get them into Bigs’ eyes. As it stands today, he got sugar-free froyo as a treat for finally getting them in. I’ll do whatever it takes.

On top of all that, I’ve come down with what might be the adult version of all of this (a really nasty cold, no fever). It’s horrible. I don’t ever know how I get through a day of parenting when I’m sick, but add two sick boys who become quite clingy, and it becomes a bit of a mess.

This whole being in the doctor’s office on Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday has, for me, created an enormous amount of laundry. I have this germ complex that I am not ashamed of. I feel once an outfit has been in the doctor’s office, it is filled with germs. Am I the only one? It’s okay if I am.

I should buy stock in Lysol and cleaning wipes and “hanitizer”, as Bigs calls it.

But God is good. And I know this will be over [someday]. And at least it isn’t worse! It could always be!

Throughout this whole process, I’ve not been eating a ton. Part of being sick and being sick over one’s children being sick. You’d think I’ve have lost a ton of weight. But no. It’s like my body is keeping my old “dessert” weight as a means of providing warmth against the bitter winter cold and also as a way of feeding itself.

Oh well. Good thing I ate so much before my diet started. Otherwise, I’d be a waif! HA!

Anywho. At least Smalls is starting to want to read and play again. For an entire week, he just wanted me to hold him (only standing up, at that).


And Bigs hasn’t lost his want to play at all, so I am grateful.


He put Bullseye, Woody, and Jesse (from Toy Story) on his record player and turned it on, watching them go round and round. He is so clever! He was doing this because there is a scene in Toy Story 2 that has the same thing happen.

Record Player Toy Story

I love Bigs’ creativity. He’s something special!

I made a special lunch for him too, since he had to miss school today.


I just used my Food Writers to draw a sun, some grass, a flower, and the words, “I <3 you” on his PB&J. He ADORED it. So didn’t expect a special lunch at home. Normally I just save those for school!

I took them to the mall today too. You know, for that promised froyo. Or “cup cup”, as Bigs has called ice cream since he was able to talk. So we call it “cup cup” in our home. Anyways, we also had cabin fever. It was necessary.

I got Bigs sugar-free froyo since I don’t need him staying up through nap. No way.


He asked for sprinkles, of course. And declared with delight, “Sprinkles in my lunchbox, right Mama?!”!

I got sugar-free vanilla for Smalls too. He only ate a wee bit. Poor kid. Doesn’t know froyo or cup cup will cure anything that ails him, yet.


I got a little bit of chocolate, cheesecake-flavored, and strawberry. I added some fruit, mochi and several different flavors of boba balls. Yum. I know this isn’t on my new diet (dessert only on weekends) but I feel some sense of deserving. And plus, if I am on Bigs’ schedule, his “Friday” is on Thursday, and that’s today! And Friday starts my weekend, so basically it’s the weekend already and I haven’t broken any rules. So there.


Bigs sat in the back of my limo double stroller and ate away.

Smalls played with some toys at the bookstore. But seriously. Look at that hair. Static central!


Both boys seem to be getting better, as it stands now. I can only pray that tomorrow will be even better. Lord? Please??

Oh, and also an aside (because I’m good at those)! I have learned a few things while at CVS several times in the last week. The boys and I love looking around the store while we wait for our prescriptions (we’ve had a lot of those as of late). Besides all the neat stuff they always have, their seasonal stuff is so much fun. And I’ve learned that it is my favorite place to buy nail polish. As much as I love changing my toe nail polish color (and especially matching it to holidays and important outfits), I need a decent but CHEAP polish. CVS has a line that is only $1.99 each. While that’s more than the $0.99 (obvi) cheap line at Target, it seems to be better quality. I’ve also learned that CVS’ imitation perfume line is almost (if not identical) to the real deal perfume. I meannnn, why pay $80 for a bottle, when you can pay only $9.99 for something that you probably couldn’t tell the difference with your eyes shut! NEAT! So exciting. Seriously.

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful night and keep praying for my family’s health?




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