I remember singing that song and doing the motions at P.E. in elementary school. It was so rad back then. It still is, although, when I sing it and dance, my kids look at me like I’m crazy. Whatever. They are the crazy ones. They don’t know real fun.

Anyways, that was my segue for the first lunchbox of the year.

Like it?

Not THAT clever, but I’m rusty. I’ve had a month off of making semi-cool lunches.


I made a dinosaur shaped PB7J, and used my Food Writers and food-safe spray to add detailing. The dinosaur is standing on a mountain of ugly crust. Because that’s how he rolls. I also packed half a mandarin orange, goldfish crackers, raisins, applesauce with dinosaur sprinkles, and three little gummy frogs.

Here’s hoping I get less rusty.


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