I made another trip to my local Trader Joe’s this weekend. I love that place. I just do. I’m the conductor of the Trader Joe’s bandwagon. Do bandwagons have conductors? Drivers? Either way, that’s me. I love Trader Joe’s. I got some really fun pumpkin stuff! I can’t wait to use it in my Bigs’ lunches.


For his lunch tomorrow, I packed a TJ’s pumpkin waffle (toasted) with cream cheese and TJ’s pumpkin butter. I also packed seasoned corn, one soft pumpkin ginger cookie (recipe in previous post), applesauce, and some TJ’s baked green peas (Inner Peas).

I think he’ll like it!

Hope you’ve had a grand Monday!


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  1. My kids LOVE TJ’s pumpkin waffles. And I LOVE the Inner Peas…addicting! I talk up TJ’s so much that I’m pretty sure they should start paying me. Sounds like you should get in on that gig too! šŸ™‚ (BTW, I packed pumpkin yumminess for M’s lunch tomorrow too! Great minds…)

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