I’m going to tell you a bedtime story.

Today has been a pretty good day. Which is weird, considering the amount of things that were a little “off”. It started well enough. My Bigs and Smalls slept in (passed 7 woo-hoo!), I had dinner cooking in the crock pot by 8 a.m., Bigs went into school without a hitch. Then things started going wonky. My Smalls and I were meeting a friend and her littles at Walmart (because Walmart is better in pairs – strength in numbers, people!). At Walmart, I bought baking supplies for my upcoming bake-off. And since I only had a stroller with me (because…Walmart carts), my bags were flying all over the place. My 4 pound bag of sugar fell out of its Wally bag and landed with a thump on the floor. A nice construction worker, who was walking by, picked it up for me. I didn’t think twice about the incident. My friend and I said our goodbyes. Once in the car, I reached over to get my Smalls a snack, with the sugar bag IN the Wally bag in my hand, and felt some sugar pour, ever so gently, on my lap. I lifted the Wally bag, only to find that, indeed, my 4 pound bag of sugar had opened and the darn Wally bag had a hole in it. My lap and entire front seat (passenger side included) was covered in sugar. We high tailed it to a gas station to use their vacuum. I only had four quarters and a prayer. The machine (only accepting quarters) was $1.50. We went to another station, only to find that it cost $1.25. We drove home, a city away. By that time, my sweaty self had managed to make a simple syrup with all that sugar in my lap. I’m not even stretching the truth at all. I could have made you a Mint Julep if I’d had the mint. Anyways, when we finally arrived at home, I used my husband’s shop vacuum, which spewed whatever was in it all over me. Natch. During my cleaning, I found a quarter. Of course. And once inside, I found that I already had sugar. Soooo….that all happened.

But you know what? Through all that it was still a good day. I was able to laugh at my day, because it WAS quite comical. Life is messy. So was my day. But it was still good. I had more positives than negatives. Dinner was ready. The kids had a good time at Wally World. Bigs had a great day in school. I had great fun with my friend. It was all good. Sometimes, you just have to focus on the good. I have extra sugar now. My truck is cleaner than it was. It still has baby flipflops and a million umbrellas (and probably some sugar granules), but it’s [mostly] clean (on the inside, anyways). And, I went on a very sweaty and messy, but sweet, adventure. Isn’t that life? One big, (sweaty, for me) messy adventure?


This picture doesn’t even do the amount of sugar justice. It was bad all over the place.

It’s aiight. I’m a big girl and I managed. Tomorrow’s a new day!

Here is my Bigs’ lunch for tomorrow:


He’s got a ham, cheese, and mayo sandwich, pretzels, golden raisins, pineapples and green grapes, and for dessert, pitted dates (or cockroaches, if you want to go that route), and orange and black chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Here’s to another great day tomorrow, but maybe with a little less adventure? 😉



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  1. lol, mint julep. Walmart. Sigh. I ventured there last week only to have two bottles of olive oil crash at my feet when someone else knocked them over leaving oil and glass all over my cart and Z. Thankfully we weren’t hurt. Why I even keep going there…

    Also, my boys are currently obsessed with dates. Especially the ones from Fresh Market that are rolled in coconut flakes, Z calls them donuts. haha. Have you had those? I use them to bribe the kids. It happens ;P

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