I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been on a roller coaster lately. Not the real sort, I actually am deathly afraid of those, but the mental sort. Loads of ups and downs lately. It is what it is. Well, anyways, yesterday I was using voice to text and saying something to a friend about how sad I was about how something turned out and when I got off, Bigs looks at me and says, in his infinite three-year-old wisdom, “Mommy, you don’t have to be sad. You have us. And you get to be with us.”. And then I turned into a puddle. Right there. I couldn’t believe the depth and love that little boy showed me in what he had to say. He’s absolutely right! THAT’S what is important.  I am so grateful for him and his knowing that I needed to hear that.

Today, for sweet Bigs’ lunch, I went with a snowman theme. I hope he loves it!

Snoman Themed Preschool Lunch

I made a snowman shaped PB&J and also did a little hat and holly leaf cutout, as well. I used my Food Writers to decorate and pretzel sticks for the arms. He also has corn and an applesauce squeezy fruit and for dessert, hot chocolate flavored Goldfish cookies, to which I also added a few mini-marshmallows. He’s going to love it. I just know it.

And Duncan was back again this morning! He’s celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

Elf on a Shelf Day 10

What a sweet elf.

Have a wonderfully blessed day,


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