I have been on vacation. Well, not really. My idea of vacation is eating my way through Europe (i.e. croissants in Paris, tea in London [okay, I’ve done both of those, but a girl can dream to do them again!], pasta in Italy, a pint in Ireland, Scottish Eggs in Scotland…are those from Scotland?)…or laying on a white, sandy beach somewhere with a fruity drink in my hand…with an umbrella in it. Anywaaaaayz, the sort of vacation I’ve been on hasn’t really been of that sort. I still get up before 6:30 every morning, still prepare little meals, still wipe bum-bums. I’ve been on a “fun kid food” vacation. As soon as summer break started, my kids got square PB&J sandwiches. And they haven’t complained….thankfully, I suppose. Once school starts back up, I’ll have to get back into my “fun kid food” mode. I have, however, done a few things here and there…just to keep me sharp.


For snack one day last week, I added some of my LorAnn Red Velvet Emulsion (which adds color and flavor) to some vanilla yogurt, put it in a cake cone and added 4th of July sprinkles. They kids went bonkers over it and ended up looking like bloody zombies afterwards. Not cute. But they did love it.

And for lunch one day last week, I went with a watermelon theme.


I cut the boys’ sandwiches into triangles and used my food-safe spray and Food Writers to make them look like little watermelons. I put them on my watermelon plates (Christmas Tree Shop – $1.00 each!!!) and served them with GF veggie straws and fresh fruit salad. They LOVED it.

Happy Summer!


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