This week has not only felt like Summer, with temperatures already reaching over 90 degrees where I live, but it has been filled with summer activities. We’ve been to a Cinco de Mayo pool party, we’ve caught bugs and put them in Bigs’ bug kit, we’ve played on his slip n’ slide, we’ve played with water squirters, we’ve run through the hose water, we’ve had ice cream, we’ve been in the pool. Oh yes, Summer has arrived. While the rest of you are still in Spring, we have, very much, been initiated into the Summer Season.

In keeping with our new Summer theme, I made a really cute ice cream themed lunch for my Bigs this week.


I made his PB&J into two little ice cream (or cup cup, as we call it in our house – Bigs’ word for it since he was little – it stuck!) shapes, with cherries on top! I packed seasoned corn, grapes, and a little marshmallow ice cream cone for dessert. I used my little ice cream picks for decoration. The bag on the left is his snack. I packed animal crackers and raisins and went cray cray with my ice cream stickers.

Tuesday’s lunch was not as cute.


It lacked a little finesse theme. I packed a PB-smeared mini blueberry bagel, goldfish crackers, grapes and blueberries, a squeezy applesauce, and one of the little marshmallow ice cream cones.

Loving these fun, summery lunches!