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Halloween Party Kid Food – BONE Appetit!

Are YOU having a Halloween party? Do you still need some food ideas? Boo, do I have some for you! Read below…if you dare…..mwahahahaha!

About a month ago, I received a call from a sweet friend of my boys (who also pretty much has me done in for, precious as she is!). She told me she was throwing a Halloween party and wanted me to be her “Chef”. How amazing is that!? She poured her heart into this party, planning every last detail – the decorations, the games, etc. She even had my husband, who is a DJ, provide the music. This was a party for the ages!

So, as the Chef, I pulled together some menu ideas with her wonderful Mama, and our planner approved them ( 😛 ). Each of the other invitees offered to make the items on our list.  And here they are, in all their Halloweeny glory!


Horrors d’oeuvres Time:


To make this, you simply carve a pie pumpkin to look as if it’s barfed/vommied/puked…the nastier, the better! Put your dip (guacamole worked best for us because…guacamole) in front of it’s gaping barfy mouth.



These are Bugles! And how cute is this sign? A lot of thought was put into that sign.


This “Pumpkin Poo” went over well with the kids! Also, how can you go wrong with cheese balls? Every party needs cheese balls.


This sweet and fruity Jack O’Lantern was gobbled down in no time! It’s made with orange segments and grapes. You can use blueberries in place of the grapes or do a mixture of the two.

Dinner Time:


These Mummy Dogs are so easy to make, and leave quite a spooky impression! All you need is hot dogs and crescent rolls. Preheat the oven to 350F.  Dry hot dogs with paper towels. Cut or rip the crescent rolls into strips. Wrap the strips around the hot dogs in a random pattern. Place on a cookie sheet. Bake until the crescent rolls have become golden brown (as per the package).


For these cutie Jack O’Lanterns, you’ll need clear plastic cups, a Sharpie, macaroni and cheese, and some celery. Draw the faces on the cups before filling with the macaroni. Once you have added the macaroni, place a small piece of celery in, as the pumpkin stalk.


These Bat Nuggets are sure to scare! Bake your chicken nuggets, add tortilla chip wings, ketchup eyes, and make sure you eat them before they fly away! Bats fly quickly and erratically, you know.

Dessert Time:


Nothing will gross you out and make your kids laugh more than these graham cracker bandaids!! All that you’ll need are graham crackers, icing, and red gel. **Yeesh!**


Our ghostess with the mostess put these donut monsters together, right down to the eyes and teeth! Super scary!


These were my contribution – Trick or Treat Brownies and Meringue “Ghosties”. For the brownies, you’ll need one box of brownie mix, a bunch of candy (I used Kit Kats, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and M&M’s), and candy eyeballs. Prepare the brownie mix and pour into a 13×9 prepared pan. Chop up the candy (not the M&M’s) and sprinkle randomly. Bake as directed. I found that my candy sank a bit as the brownies baked, so I chopped up some more and squished it into the freshly baked brownies. Do the same with more M&M’s and the eyeballs. Let cool and cut into squares.

For the Meringue Ghosties, I used the following recipe.


I used a food-safe paintbrush and hand painted the eyes and mouths, using black gel coloring.


This party was so much fun, thanks to the wonderful party planning and effort put forth by our cutie gHost! I hope your Halloween parties are as much fun and that you can use some of these ideas!

Happy Halloween!


Pecan, Peecan, Pecahn

Last night was a first for me. I went to an Ingredient Party. My lovely friend opened her beautiful home to a few friends and we shared a great meal, with all the components sharing a few common ingredients. It was fabulous. Our host couldn’t decide between the pecan and the lime. So it was a pecan and lime themed party.

We started with cranberry lime adult beverages:


That’s the way to start a party! They were very refreshing.


My Lime Cracker Pie sat proudly next to those drinks.


The appetizer tray was right up my alley – chips and salsa, stuffed olives (oh, yessss), and one of the most delicious things I’d ever tasted (I find myself saying that a lot). They were little limey, goat-cheesy, white chocolately tarts. That’s what I said – lime, goat cheese, and white chocolate…in a tart shell. You heard correctly! They were divine. And our host got them at PUBLIX. That’s another reason why (my newly re-done) Publix is so wonderful – they have their own gourmet fromagerie. Seriously.

Anyways. I could go on all day about cheese.


I can’t be stopped. So don’t even try.


Another friend also brought a cheese for an appetizer, about which I could also talk all day. BRIE. I love my brie. I could put away a whole wheel. I’m not even jesting. Who says that? Anyways, my friend marinated pecans in a brown sugar and orange liqueur mix overnight, and then baked it, and served it with crackers and sliced apples and pears. I meannnnnn.

After pickies, it was time to sit down and eat.


We all felt like we were at a fine dining establishment, which doesn’t happen all too often with us, all having thirteen kids between the six of us.


We had gorgeous pecan-crusted chicken breasts, shrimp with a limey mango dip, a beautiful salad with bacon, pecans and a bunch of other really amazing add-ins, and a fiesta quinoa with corn, black beans, cilantro and more.


DELICIOUS. Seriously.

Imma need those recipes.

Do you call pecans “pe-cahns” or “pee-cans”? I am from the south and I tend to call them “pee-cans” although some Southerners would argue that is what you used to keep undah ya bed.

Either way.

We took dessert on the patio. Surrounded by candlelights and laughter, we enjoyed some dark chocolate bark (with so many yummies in it – goji berries, pepitas…), Butter Pecan ice cream, and my Lime Cracker Pie.




So the pie turned out exactly as it was supposed to, and it couldn’t have been more easy to throw together. It had FOUR ingredients and ended up tasting like a Key Lime Pie.

I made it earlier in the day and it sat in the fridge, flavors melding together. If you like Key Lime Pie, this is a great recipe for you. Sadly for me, and also ironically, since it’s the recipe I both made and had been wanting to make for a few years, I don’t care for Key Lime Pie. I mean, I’d EAT it and I did, but it isn’t one I’d order usually.

Here the the world’s most simple recipe:


Try it (but only if you like Key Lime Pie).

If you ever get the opportunity to go to an Ingredient Party, go! Thank you again, to my friend, for hosting!

I hope you have a wonder Friday!


PS – Quesitos.

Have you tried those? I ate a  lot of them in my youth – my high school Spanish teacher (with whom I am still amigas – Hola Sra.!) used to sell them as fund-raisers. I gave a lot to that “charity”. Anyways, they are a pastry filled with cream cheese. Yummers.


My Mom picked up a few for me earlier this week. I shared one with Smalls (Bigs was in school) and froze the other. Go me!


Smalls was a fan, as evidenced by this photo. 🙂

We worked off those shared calories, in a shared way:


Riding the exercise bike with a 20 month old on your lap is quite a work out. I better treat myself to another quesito for getting through that work out.


‘Tis the Season!

Tis the Season

‘Tis also the season to be super busy! Which we have been. Non-stop. It’s been mostly good stuff too.

My sweet dog, who I am convinced has severe anxiety (and who also does not react well to anti-anxiety canine meds – story for another time!) had to go to her yearly allergy appointment. And the next day, she went under anesthesia to have her denties cleaned. She looks like a million bucks, but is still adjusting to the weird week she had (LAST week). She’s so weird.

puppy love

But isn’t she so cute (if not a little wide-eyed lol)?

Our elf Duncan came a few times since I last wrote.

Elf on a Shelf Day 20

He TP’d our tree. Bigs got a kick out of it. Actually, so did Smalls. He’s been super into finding the elf each morning.

Elf on a Shelf Day 21

He rode on a dinosaur (and took a dino friend!) to Bethlehem to see Baby Jesus.

Elf on a Shelf Day 22

And he got into some more sweets (a la Buddy the Elf). He was drinking real maple syrup through a straw, got out the Hershey’s syrup and some marshmallows. He’s going to need to go see Hermey the Dentist Elf if he keeps this up.

And my husband and I went on a date to a Christmas party with our friends. The food was out of this world.


We had so much to eat! It was definitely a foodie type party (that turned into a dance party once my DJ husband started with the music and our host husband brought out the party lights!).


There were all kinds of desserts (truffles, cake balls, cake dip, melted snow man mix) and savories for days. My absolute favorite thing bordered on dessert, but was with the savory foods – brie with walnuts and cranberries in phyllo cups. I probably ate my weight in them. As I typed that, I realized I also say that a lot. But I don’t have a problem. 😉


No decorative or food stone was left unturned. We had a fabulous time!

Same time, next year??

We had a gift exchange (which is always a hoot) and there were these gourmet marshmallows as one of the gifts. I convinced my friend who won them to let me try them. I’ve been wanting to for forever. These particular ones were s’mores flavor. Um, you know how I feel about that particular flavor profile.

Wondermade Marshmallows

Look how cute they come in their adorable package!! And, boy, were they good! If you need a gift for anyone…or yourself (especially for yourself!!!)…get them. They have tons of other flavors and are made by hand in small batches. A must try!

Here’s the website:


I guess it is also a ’tis the season for desserts…look at this beauty I had some [most] of while dining out. Ice cream in a cinnamon-sugar dusted won ton, crème brûlée, and a whipped cream covered brownie a la mode. It was redonkulous.


Starting then, I am now on a crème brûlée kick. I have never made it, but will very soon. And probably make it turn out like scrambled eggs. I’m sure you’ll see that here.


And, also this happened. My sweet friend gave this to me for Christmas. I have been wanting to try this for AGES. We don’t have a Trader Joe’s around us (although one should be coming some day) and she traveled recently and picked up this little gem. GINGERBREAD cookie butter. One of my favorite things.

Food gifts are so great.

I hope this post finds you ready for Christmas, feeling peace and a full tummy.

I’ll leave you with two funny things Bigs said to me recently (which prove, as if his face isn’t already exactly like the little boy version of mine) that he is mine:

After our Publix grocery trip, I tell him it is time for lunch. He says, “I’m not hungry. I had a cookie and a tick tock [tic tac].”
“My body feels like it wants a dessert.”
Seriously, he is all me!
Kristin Sprinkles
(Listen, I realize this picture is a bit awkward. But that’s me. I was hunchy because as I was standing there, it occurred to me that I was pretty much as tall as the tree. # tall people problems)

Big blessings,