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Cinnamon Raisin Bread Kindergarten School Lunch Part II (again)


My kids told me that they loved their lunches today so much that they wanted the same again for tomorrow. That couldn’t make life any easier for me! I made another pumpkin cream cheese and cinnamon raisin bread sandwich. I also packed cubed colby jack cheese, a little more rolled up ham this time, dried dates, dried cranberries, dried pineapple, snap pea crisps, and a few little pieces of brownie brittle (brilliant).

Almost Friday. It’s almost Friday.


Catch Up Lunches

I’m baaack. It’s been a week. My oldest son broke his clavicle at the end of last week. I’ve been so busy with him that a) I’ve made crappy blog-unworthy lunches and b) I haven’t had time to write any posts. Not that you’d want to see them on those lunches anyway. #sorrykids

Here is what I’ve packed for this week so far:


I made turkey, cheese, and mayo sandwiches on multi-grain bread. I also packed Terra chips, corn (for Bigs), grapes, a Little Debbie pumpkin cupcakes (Bigs), and a few candy corn (Smalls).


For today’s lunches, I made pumpkin cream cheese and cinnamon raisin bread sandwiches. I also packed cubed colby jack cheese, rolled up ham, grapes, Goldfish crackers, Little Debbie pumpkin cupcake (Bigs), and broccoli (Smalls).

Have a great week!


Pumpkin Bagel Kindergarten School Lunch


For tomorrow’s lunch, I packed a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, a few pretzels, raisins, dried pineapple, cotton candy grapes, strawberries, and colby jack cheese.

Fun fact about today: my sons will only answer to “Leonardo” and “Raphael”.

Heroes in a half shell!


Pumpkin All the Things Lunch

It finally felt like Fall this weekend! It got down to 58 Saturday night! 58! I think that’s a record for where I live. 😉 It’s supposed to be back up to the high 80’s this week, but we had one good night. I can’t WAIT for serious Fall weather! I was going to make another pumpkin-y treat for the lunchboxes today, but I was taking care of my sick Bigs. He’s all better now and it’s back to business tomorrow (and I may even find time to bake).

Here is his school lunch for tomorrow:


I toasted one TJ’s pumpkin waffle and put TJ’s pumpkin cream cheese and TJ’s pumpkin butter on it (my Bigs is pumpkin obsessed, I have no idea where he gets this from). I also packed a baby plum (his current favorite fruit – I was so excited to see these mini plums at Publix), some red grapes and pineapple, seasoned corn, a string cheese, and a TJ’s mini pumpkin pie.


Don’t judge.

Also don’t judge how much food is in this lunchbox. My kid eats a lot.

Have a blessed day!