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Easy, Breezy, CHEESY Lunches

I get to be the Helper Parent in my son’s class tomorrow! I’m so excited. So tonight, I made three lunches (Smalls is also in school tomorrow).



A Colby Jack cheese panini on REALLY yummy French bread (you know, the one that ruined yesterday’s kid lunch?), a mandarin orange, some nuts, assorted raisins, two dates, and a pumpkin muffin.



I made Bigs the same panini, only I added pepperoni and a pizza dipping sauce. I also packed a mandarin orange, yogurt raisins, assorted raisins, dates, and a pudding cup.



Smalls has one half of a cheese panini, cut into four little squares, a mandarin orange, a few pretzels, assorted raisins, yogurt raisins, dates, and a pudding cup.

Like I said…easy, breezy, and cheesy.


When Story Time and Snack Time Collide

We’ve started going to the library every Wednesday now. Bigs is on a big Berenstain Bears book kick. Smalls is on just a regular leg kick (as in, he kicks everything). And I’ve made it a priority to find some time for myself to read (even if it means I stay up later…no wonder I’m so pooped!). Bigs picks out all the new Berenstain Bears books that he’s not yet read or that we don’t own and I thumb through the shelves, looking for books I think they’d both enjoy. I can’t help it, but I am always drawn to books with some sort of food theme or food title. I can’t help it.

I’ve started making snacks that sort of match the food in the books, the best I can. It’s been an unplanned, fun, activity for both me (making them) and the boys (enjoying them). Thus begins my new series, “When Story Time and Snack Time Collide”!


Last week, I made raisin happy face oatmeal to match the raisin happy face oatmeal Mama Bear made her cubs. Bigs went bananas. Smalls didn’t care. I had enough enthusiasm for him though, not to worry.

Today, we read The Bear Detectives and at the very end, the cubs found out that the missing pumpkin was made into a delicious pumpkin pie. Since I didn’t have enough time to just whip up a quick pumpkin pie (nor did I feel that was a healthy enough snack for them…for me? that’s a different story!), I made pumpkin muffins. I found an easy, one-bowl recipe on one of the blogs I follow. And they were healthy! The only change I made was that I replaced part of the honey with some demerara raw sugar, since I didn’t have the amount of honey it called for.


It’s not quite nap time yet (waaaaahhh), but the boys are already looking forward to their pumpkin muffins while reading our new library books!

Here is the recipe I used:


Enjoy eating these with your own little cubs!