Bears like honey, right? Or is that some misconception that has been in place for a hundred years because of Winnie the Poop? I just wrote “poop” instead of “pooh”. I’m not even going to change that.

Anyways, yesterday was Woodland Animals day in Bigs’ class and they read Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What do you See?. Soooo, I had to give the ol’ bears another go. I have not had a successful track record with bear-shaped sandwiches. I think I lose myself on the drawing of their faces and they just come out scary.

Here is how yesterday’s turned out:

Bear Themed Preschool Lunch

I went with just eyes. I think that although a bit strange, what with no noses to smell or mouths to eat, they came out better than my past bears. I sprayed them lightly with a gold food-safe spray. I packed a little cup of raisins, some seasoned corn, and for dessert, a little slice of 100th Post Cake. He liked the cake best, obviously. He also told me that the bears weren’t bears. Soooooooo…..guess I need to work on my bears some more.

I also packed bear shaped cracker/cookie things for  snack.

AND, I tried a neat food thing earlier this week, too! I found this at Target:

PB and J trail mix

I am such a sucker for odd foods, seasonal foods, any foods…

While theses were neat, the jammy and peanutty flavored pieces tasted so over-processed. Shame. It’s a neat idea. I’m a complete shoe-in for anything PB&J.

Hope you have a beary sweet day (rolls eyes),


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