I love picnics. There is something so fun and special about eating outside, in the fresh air. Sure you have to find a way to pack up the food and take the time to set it up (and clean it up!), the wind blows your picnic blanket away, there are flies and ants to contend with, birds get a little uncomfortably close, eying your food, and the sun can glare down on you in such a way, causing you to squint as you enjoy your food al fresco.

Picnics are awesome.

This post isn’t about a recent picnic, but it IS about a classic picnic themed lunch I made Bigs for school tomorrow.

Classic Picnic

I packed him some cold fried chicken tenders (Publix – only the best for my child), a cheese stick, some red grapes and watermelon, and some little bear shaped cookies for dessert (for some reason, bears and picnics go together in my head). I think he’ll like it. I asked him if he’d eat cold fried chicken and he said no. I said I’d put a large ice pack in his lunchbox to keep it cold and he, very excitedly, agreed to the cold chicken. A little friend in his class had an ice pack in his lunch and Bigs has made mention of wanting the same in his lunchbox. It’s the little things.

Here’s to hoping we jaded adults can find joy in the little things…like ice packs in our lunches and eating outside.


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